The Original Storey | EUROPE...HERE AND THERE!

The three words that best describe Europe are: Historic: Culture, art and history are everywhere; a feast for the eyes and for the soul. Passionate: From the spoken word to the lovers on the streets, Europeans are passionate about everything and Colorful: Color saturates the landscape, and the light make it a photographer's dream come true.
St. John's MonasteryIsland of PatamosVatican CityAthensVatician CityRuins in GreeceVilla in RomeFlorence Italy IINice FrancePublic Square in SicilyOld and New Athens GreeceAthens Greece AcropolisArchway in Florence ItalyPompeii IIFrench countrysideMarble EntranceColosseumDuomo of Santa Marie del FioreNice France FountainPompeii IV